Friday, February 18, 2011

Things people have said to me since I moved to Melbourne

remember these two?

Person to me while I'm washing up: "Apparently Melbourne is going to eclipse the population of Sydney very soon."

Over dinner from a person I met that night: "I heard you can't drink the water from the taps in Sydney is that right? When I visited, I drank it though. It seemed ok."

Over lunch with two girls I met a few weeks ago: "I've been wanting to say since the moment I met you, you look like the girl in Titanic.... Kate.... Winslet?"

Each of these things were said to me with the utmost sincerity.


Artur said...

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Anonymous said...

All ridiculous except the last one. Birthday pep! V x

booth_street said...
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sophg said...

hahaha ... V

Anonymous said...

Can't drink the water!?!?! No, surely not...someone didn't really say that did they????


sophg said...

I'm not kidding mr Laird!!