Wednesday, February 2, 2011

some observations about melbourne

I know culturally it's not that far from Sydney, and experientially I feel less foreign now than I did when I moved to Orange, but there are still differences between Melbourne and Sydney.

I thought I'd list them while I'm still in the noticing phase.

+ It is SO VERY FLAT. Where are the hills? I go for my jalk (jog/walk) in the morning and there's nothing to fight against. There are only very slight inclines. It's weird, but perfect for cycling.

+There are SO MANY bikes.

+People are more chilled out.

+People wear less. As in, they wear short shorts and singlety things alot. Or maybe this was because it was so hot, and Melbourne people don't get to "do summer" much?

+The city doesn't feel like it's just for business suits and ties. It's for everyone.

+Transport is heaps more regular. Trams win over buses for sure.

+Streets are wide and treelined.

+Two lanes on the same side of the road are split by avenues of trees, creating a kind of dramatic curtain between you and the cars beside.

+There's no pretty water. I do miss Blackwattle Bay.

+Savers. OH MY. The best invention ever. It's like an op-shop on steroids, and everyone goes there for everything. Today I bought a sleeping bag and a saucepan for around $10.

+The route to the airport is way simpler than Sydney.

+I live here. That is weird.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Sounds like a great city!! Can I move there too?


sophg said...

Please do Han... xx

Mark said...

I like Melbourne. (blame my repeated trips there due to SFK for that I suppose)

I may end up moving there myself in the future seeing as three quarters of Australia's video game jobs are located there.

sophg said...

You should Mark, it's cool. I think you'd like it.

Joanna said...

Welcome to Melbourne, Sophie! I'm a lurker here, via Ali's blog - and a Melbourne resident (go to the same church as David & Tamra Burton, who you would know I think?) I had to emerge to say - make sure you visit the inner west for another branch of Savers & awesome African food (Footscray); lots of beautiful water (Williamstown); trendy shops & great coffee (Yarraville, Seddon). Best part of Melbourne, IMHO!

sophg said...

Hey Joanna, welcome! I love it when lurkers de-lurk :)

Thanks for all your tips - I have been wanting to go southside and check out Yarraville, but haven't made it yet.

Because I live in the inner north, I've just been around here so far. Will have to make a trip to the inner west too.

Yes, David is working with me at Cross Cultures. Small world!

Hopefully I get to meet you in the flesh some time...

Joanna said...

Great, do get in touch if you are coming over this way - joannac at deakin dot edu dot au.