Wednesday, February 23, 2011

recent happenings

I've always had the interesting predicament of my birthday falling early in the year, at a time when things have just changed, and you're making new friends and potentially wondering who your friends actually are.

It meant that in kindergarten, my whole class was invited to my birthday party. Better invite everyone than no one, was my Mum's idea, I think.

I came to Melbourne determined to continue being a sociable person, to organise things and make fun happen.

So I pretty much planned the best birthday ever, which included op-shopping, market browsing and a vegetarian feast.

Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 

Outside the Moroccan Soup Bar

My lovely housemates brought great mirth to the occassion by sticking balloons around my door and baking a cake, as well as participating in said plan.

Recently I used a computer wallpaper which I think was actually supposed to be for thanksgiving, but I liked anyway, which quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson: "I awoke this morning with a devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new."

Every time I read it, it makes me think of the beautiful people I have left behind in Sydney, and the new friends I am making.

One of my friends who I also work with made me this amazing book scuplture out of an antique Oxford School Dictionary. From the cover she made a journal. But what's more.... the journal is covered in a map of my suburb from an 80s Melways, with the location of my house highlighted. Cool, no??

Perhaps soon I shall tell you more about how I am spending my days, and there is another video to post up...


Thora and Dean said...

what an awesome sculpture! love it :)

sophg said...

and apparently not that hard to make! bonus.