Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm going to sleep in a bedless room tonight. The first of many signs things are coming to a close here.

Other signs of my immanent departure include:

Discovering dust amassed EVERYWHERE and trying to suck it all away. A nice reminder why vacuuming is my friend and not the enemy. DUST IS THE ENEMY.

& Tonight is the first night I've eaten dinner at home in probably over a week. Saying goodbye is expensive, but tasty.

& Half my belongings are listed on ebay. In fact I'm waiting for a buyer to swing by any moment.

& Tension is rising high at the familie abode. I'm sort of trying to discreetly cart my belongings over there with a generous smile on my face, but the truth of situation is difficult to hide. I'm nearly 25 and still dependent on my parents' floor space, not to mention vertical space.

& People are writing tributes about me?! Actually, that should be a singular. Stef wrote a lovely post about me, which left me just a little bit embarrassed but so very touched. Stef, if you're reading this (in which case it's 8:10am and you've just gone for a coffee walk after starting work at 5am ... hah), you are a gem and I already miss you! Her awesome new blog continues to amaze me. Love the combination of wit and beautiful photos.

& Too many goodbyes and speeches and final looks and hugs and well wishes. I said goodbye proper to my church last night, which was pretty emotional really. They're like family, and while I feel as though in Christ we'll never be separated, it is dawning on me how many wonderful people I'm leaving behind.

& And so the countdown begins. 4 days to go.

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