Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On Being

It occurred to me today how glorious it is to see someone doing that which they are gifted in. Just this Monday I saw the Italian opera, La Traviata at the Opera House– the tickets were a Christmas present from Dad. The main thrill of the night was sitting in awe at the power of the singers' voices. Their control and range of expression was beautiful, astonishing.

Today, I sat in a cafe and watched the owner, napkin in hand, deliver food and drinks to tables with a smile, sitting down for coffee and a chat with regulars. Nothing was too much trouble. He sat legs crossed, sweat dripping from his brow, absolutely loving his conversation with an old man and his dog. He was in his element. This was his gig – the gig he was born for.

This isn't about talent, this is about being what you are. Oh that I would be more of the time!

image: missionfantastic

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