Friday, January 15, 2010

fantastic indeed

I saw Fantastic Mr Fox on cheap tuesday this week - it was rather fun. I love Wes Anderson films, because they're so quirky and fun.

The thing I particularly liked about this one though, was the animation/puppetry. I loved the mixture of the two mediums. It had a very definite aesthetic to it, with retro costuming on the foxes and a colour pallette of orange, brown and yellow. I loved the panoramic birds-eye shots of the farms of Boris Bunce and Bean. Great patterns, even beautiful at times!

The plotline was fun, especially the rivalry between Mr Fox's son, Ash and nephew, Kristofferson. ahh too good.

A making-of book has been released. Here's the colour pallette I was talking about. It's amazing how subconscious these things appear when you're watching the film, but they clearly chose a particular aesthetic.

so suave

Bill Murray's character Badger

these photos via pentagram

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