Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009: A retrospective

2009 felt like an in-between year for me. A year of working out where my heart is wandering, and how to follow it. A year of growing in love for God and others. A year for learning patience and perserverance. A year for trust and dependence, for joy and sorrow.

In terms of definining moments, it's hard to not think first of hearing my Dad's weak, croaky voice over the phone while I was in Broken Hill on holiday and he was sick in hospital in July. I wasn't sure if he'd still be around by the end of that week, let alone this year. And I'm so thankful he is.

It really was the year for bodily dysfunction when I think about it. There was Dad's illness, then Mum had back surgery, and Dad broke his shoulder only weeks ago. But through it all there was hope and love and growing closer together as a family.

A special time for me was going on a daytrip to the Illawarra/Southern Highlands with Dad earlier in the year - picnicking on the beach, visiting gardens and chatting away as we wound around hills and bends, watching the light cut shadows across the road, flickering silently by.

It was also the year of writing. I began writing poetry again, and submitted to Voiceworks and the John Marsden prize and was accepted for both. I also received a few rejections, but I'm excited about the future and doing a masters of creative writing this year.

Around me, it was the year of babies. Everyone at church is having them, which is lovely. Lots of cuddles and watching balls of flesh turn into little people.

At uni, it was much the same metamorphosis, just a few years ahead. How cool it was to get to know so many beautiful people during my time with Christians in the Media, being so closely knit into the everyday lives of the students and to see them change and grow over the two years.

All in all, it was a hard, but good year.

I hope you too have found time to reflect on the year that was. Wishing you all the best for 2010.

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