Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Some research

Hi, I need your help. I'm printing out some photos to sell our our upcoming markets at church, but I'm not sure what people actually like.

So I thought I'd ask my blog readers. So if you're a lurker, please de-lurk and take the survey! I'll be so grateful.

Below are some examples of the categories. Please give me specific feedback of your favourites in the comments field.

Also if there are any photos you've seen on my blog and think I should print out, tell me. Thanks!

Natural environment


Built environment




Bonnie said...

I voted for your object photos, but there were some in the other categories I really loved:

the cherries,the church, the fence, the bike, the shack, the chook,

sophg said...

Thanks for the feedback bonnie! And those people who've voted. Interesting results..

Anonymous said...

I like the natural and built environment ones best... except for me and my handbag! V x

Christine said...

Hey Soph
Wow I love the shot at Broken Hill of the church (at least I think it's broken hill...). Its stunning.

...but remember, that people will see and like different things about your shots that you may not see....ie, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
From a photographers point of view however, print the shots you feel happy with.

onlinesoph said...

ditto the object photos. What size are you printing them and how much are you selling them for? I'd love to buy some, but can't make the Annandale Village fair (it's this saturday, right?) any chance of buying them straight from you?

sophg said...

haha v - sorry, should've asked about that! I might print you a copy to make up for using you!

Chris - yeah that's at Silverton. Did some adjusting in photoshop, so it wasn't that vibrant straight from the camera, but hard to go wrong out there in that beautiful environment. Are you printing some of your BH photos too?

Soph - it's next Sat, the 19th 9am -12 pm. Maybe you can make it?? Which one in particular do you like? I can make sure I print it. Can do any size - haven't printed them yet. Not sure how much. Depends how much frames cost.

Bonnie said...

Soph, I'm hoping to come on Saturday and bring my mum! But I want to get her the fence photo and the chook photo for Christmas. Any chance I can do a private order and pick them up after the fair so she doesn't know about it??

Joanna said...

The cherries, the church at Silverton, the cotton spools and the cats bottom.


The cherries are, I think, are awesome, but particularly suited to a Christmassy kind of atmosphere :-)

Thora said...

i love the natural environment ones and the built environment ones.

I'm not a fan of the object ones, but that may be because the objects have no meaning for me.

love the chestnut guy :)

where will you print them from? Saw some low prices in the city, and you can get 40% of if you print 20 or more...

sophg said...

Hey Bonnie - sure. How funny I didn't expect this to turn into orders - please don't forget Christine and Goldy will be selling some at the fair too.

But if you're super keen, let me know what kind of size, and if you'd like them framed, and if so, together or separate etc. and I'll work out a price. You can def pick them up - just clarifying the fete is on 19th Dec ie. not this Sat, but next.

Thors - thanks for your feedback. So interesting how different people respond to different images. Chris is right - everyone has a different take.

Ben McLaughlin said...

awesome photos.

onlinesoph said...

Oh the 19th, not next saturday. I can come to that. I'll buy them there! And ahve a look at Goldy and Christine's.

Bonnie said...

Mum's coming this weekend so I'll just come along to the fair the following one and take my pick :-) Perfect timing.