Wednesday, December 9, 2009

chicken politics

Someone (who will remain nameless)**, had me over for lunch on Sunday arvo. It was lovely - we had BBQ chicken on bread with salad and soda water.

But there was one thing which marred the entire affair. When dishing up the chicken, she left entire body parts of it on the carcass because she doesn't like the so-called "dark meat".

Now I understand preference when it comes to eating a roast chicken. I tend to prefer the more moist so-called "dark meat", but I also like it in conjunction with some more dry, but less oily breast meat.

Well, our host had decided for us that we were not to eat the dark meat. THE HORROR! I pointed out her prejudice, and proceeded to take the leg and thigh off the chook, not wanting to waste it. People, in times like these we need to eat the whole animal. It's called waste not-want not.

Now as I say, I understand we all have a preference. But there is something just plain wrong about stopping others enjoying the bits that they like.

So, what say you? Am I right, or is she right? Which bit do you like? And would you feed your guests the bit of chicken you yourself refuse to eat?

**Dear "Someone" - hopefully you can see this is a bit of a joke - i loved the lunch! And hopefully, you can see that I have the better approach. Hee hee


onlinesoph said...

I eat the dark meat! I eat all meat on the chicken. And sometimes the stuffing, if I'm feeling naughty.

Thora said...


perhaps "someone" justifies the leftover bits as flavouring for the stock to be made from the carcass, (waste not want not)


sophg said...

Yes Soph - us enlightened folk can handle the whole chook. It just makes sense ;)

ahh thora thora. But that someone clearly doesn't appreciate the goodness of the dark meat and thus its wastage as the base of a stock!

Ben McLaughlin said...

But there is something just plain wrong about stopping others enjoying the bits that they like.

While I heartily agree, there is a line that ought not be crossed.

This line is called The Parson's Nose, and is a line my Grandma chooses to cross with great relish.

This should not be. Avert your eyes, children.

sophg said...

Yes, ben. So right. So, so right. Shudder at the thought!