Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Everyone has favourite smells, but recently I've discovered mine are quite strange. We were chatting away at our work christmas party when I decided to sniff the tinsel on the table, which got a few looks.

What can I say? Metallic platic smells amazing!

So a list of some of my favourite smells:

-real live Christmas tree smell
-the smell of tinsel
-the smell of scotch tape (it has to be Scotch tape, the 3M brand stuff)
-new books
-new electronic eqiupment. I got a new phone the other day, and it smelled really good. But sadly the smell has worn off.
-new car smell (can't be fake bottled "new car smell", has to be real)

and of course like a normal person, I also enjoy cooking smells and freshly cut grass and the smell of rain on pavement etc etc.

What about you? Any strange smell fetishes?

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