Friday, March 6, 2009


A week of prettiness on the web

1. From the wonderful Able and Game who brought you those cool valentine's cards ('we've been married for ages and I still have a massive crush on you'), comes three new sets: Mother's Day cards (see below), beautiful bird themed greeting cards and the Wedding Bells collection.

2. A fun post on Poppytalk about vintage mirrors. I was driving down through Sydenham today and spotted a creaking old furniture shop which had a plethora of vintage mirrors for sale on the footpath. I almost had a car accident I was staring out the window for so long at them. So I guess if you're in Sydney and want a vintage mirror - the used furniture shop on Railway Rd, near the Princes Highway is for you.

3. A free pattern for this buttercup bag, found through WhipUp, but actually the pattern is from Made By Rae.

4. Catherine Buca's stunning photography.

5. Concrete and Honey's great reminder that the Eveleigh Farmer's markets are on every Saturday. Anyone keen to make a trip out? Photos: concrete and honey.

6. Design Sponge's fascinating 'Before and After's'. Even better than a makeover show. This one is quite simple, but fun.

7. One Poet's Notes: reflections on John Updike and John Cheever.

Edward Byrne reminds us of Cheever's advice to young poets:

I also am tempted again by the advice Cheever offered young writers in our brief conversation three decades ago, something I repeat to my students in creative writing classes each semester I teach, that one ultimately must continue to write as well as one can, produce innovative and imaginative stories with a regard for integrity in the way one presents the plot or portrays the characters, and one ought to do so without too much worry of eventual publication or recognition by others.

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