Saturday, March 14, 2009

Misadventure and a new wallet

Today didn't really go as planned. I meant to go an adventure, but I woke up a little too late. So I decided to drive south for as long as I could stand it, and stop wherever I felt like it.
So I got a bit lost somewhere near Earlwood, and got stuck in traffic on the Princes Highway, so I decided to stop at Spotlight. There I looked at wool (already got the knitting bug and it's not even winter yet), but didn't buy any - I remembered I have some balls at home from last year. Slightly weirded out by the 'mall' which had three shops and a cafe in it, and no soul.
Then drove back home via Newtown. I decided to buy a new wallet from one of my favourite shops, called Made590. A friend gave me a wallet from there for my 21st birthday, but it broke last year (sad). It was so sweet - aqua leather, with a cute blue whale on the front, who I nicknamed Jonah (irony - in the story the whale swallows jonah..).
Today I bought a Poketo. I'd never seen them before, but I was certainly won over by the awesomeness.

Poketo commission internatinal artists to do original limited edition artworks, to feature on their wallets, which are covered with clear PVC. They call them 'living artworks. They're very light-on in terms of pockets and space, but I figure that's a good thing. It'll force me to be both frugal, and space-saving.

So here is my poketo. For a closer look, click on the link.

This is the outside

This is the inside. You fold it in half.

On the right is the coin pocket, on the left the card holders.

The round thing on the right is the badge that came with it.

It is designed by Betsy Walton, from Portland, OR. There were so many to choose from at Made, and even more from Poketo's online shop. It was hard to choose, but I loved the whimsical sketches of girls growing antlers and wearing cute hoodies.

Poketo also commission artists to design their tshirts, plates, stationery and much more!

ps.I just uploaded some photos of the storm we just had on The Land Itself.

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