Monday, March 2, 2009

Fasting and fainting

So I've sort of signed up to a study through RPA and the Uni of Sydney to be a guinea pig. It's all about meat and weightloss - does eating red or white meat help weightloss/metabolism/hunger etc etc

As part of the study, I have to go in for a blood test tomorrow at 7:30 AM! And to do the test properly I have to fast from food and fluids (including water!) for 12 hours. So after 7:30pm tonight, I can't drink or eat anything.

The food thing is fine, although I hope I don't faint tomorrow morning - I always eat breakkie. It's the water thing I'm most worried about. I usually swallow heaps of water when I brush my teeth, and drink something in the morning.

Has anyone does the fluid fast before? How did it go?

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