Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why you should stop worrying and do that crazy thing you've been dreaming of

This is in part a lecture to myself, but I wanted to get the motivation juices flowing for you too.

So, why should you stop worrying and do that crazy thing you've been dreaming of, especially when there's so much at stake.

You could fail. You could look like a fool. You could waste time, money, energy. You could end up back where you started.

Here are three reasons why you should kick those stupid thoughts to the curb.

1. Fear is ugly.
Fear is what drives selfishness, it's the little voice in your head that tells you to be less honest, less bold, less yourself. But true beauty is letting go of the fear and letting the weirdness of you, flourish.

There is something very attractive about conviction, not caring what others' think, about knowing thyself.

Make an effort to know yourself, and not just the nice bits. Because once you've faced up to who you are, you can continue the work of surrendering to God, and let go of the fear.

2. We are constantly enjoying the fruit of other people putting their dreams into practice.
The death of Steve Jobs reminded us all that life is short, and that it's not worth holding back.

It takes pioneers, artists and entrepreneurs to show us what we need or want before we realise it. And I'm not talking about gadgets. Sometimes we need words of truth and love, but we resist them until they find us. Sometimes we need to hear a story of redemption, before we can see we were stuck in guilt and sin.

That crazy thing you're dreaming of can be a service to the people around you. And if it's not a service to the people around you, maybe you need to think again, because the world needs people to take risks on its behalf.

It needs people to cross borders to heal the sick and revive the spiritually dead. It needs people to stop thinking only about themselves, and do something crazy for someone else.

3. You will learn from the experience.
That one speaks for itself. But think back on risks you've taken in the past and reflect on the lessons you've learnt. Uh huh.

So go do it!


Anonymous said...

Hey, you're pepping me out of a job! V xx

sophg said...

Why thankya! (ps. keep pepping..)

Emma said...

Love the idea of letting weirdness flourish.