Monday, October 3, 2011

Ryan Adams back in form?

This little preview of Invisible Riverside from his new album Ashes & Fire makes me think yes.

And another sneak peak here.

So glad he's come home to country after the wilderness years....


Anonymous said...

I was just going to send this to you, I should have known you would have your ear to the ground :) I liked it but, as usual with your alt country friends, found myself drifting out of it at times. Where are the catchy hooks? Maybe not my genre... V xx

ALaird said...

Hmmm not sure if I agree (back to form)...:)

Also still not sure if I've forgiven him for releasing 50 albums in 5 weeks not too long back (slight exaggeration, but seriously what was that all about?!?)

sophg said...

V, thanks for thinking of me. I came across it by chance, but glad I did.
Catchy hooks haha.. Ryan is king of the catchy hook (when he wants to be).

Ok Andrew, I can see your point. I reckon he's on track. I mean, at least he's not trying to create death metal anymore.

ALaird said...

Well that's true!