Friday, October 21, 2011

Where do you read?

My new reading nook

When I was last in Hobart I spent a dreamy half hour reading in my friend's hammock. It was pretty much the best reading experience of my life, closely followed by any time I have found myself lying on the sand or grass near water with a cool breeze blowing... ahhhh....

But, not having regular access to a hammock, island paradise, or good weather, most of the time I find myself reading at home, and more often than not, in an uncomfortable position.

I find it hard to read sitting at my desk, unless I'm studying or working. When reading fiction I prefer to lie in bed, switching from side to side as my arms get tired. But in the morning, which is when I like to read the bible and pray, I don't want to lie in bed.

Hence, the decision to create a reading nook in my room. Not much was involved in nookifying my bedroom. All it took was a small rug and some cushions; the red one re-purposed from the lounge room, the others found at IKEA.

The other good thing is it functions as a hang out space for meandering house mates and visitors.

I rather like it.

What about you? Where do you read?


Emily V. said...

Nice nook! :) Frequently I read either on my bed or on the couch(both tend to induce drowsiness... so not really ideal :P) and sometimes I'll pile a bunch of blankets and pillows in a corner by one of my bookshelves and curl up there. Pretty comfortable actually.. I'll also read outside on the trampoline or pretty much anywhere. I used to read in a tree in my front yard. I'd spend the whole afternoon up there. :)

sophg said...

Reading on the trampoline, that sounds dreamy too!

And I remembered now that my other favourite is the bath.

Suri said...

Lovely :D I should come by and check out next time :) hehe