Monday, November 15, 2010

Why my Dad is hilarious and awesome

Mum: the computers crashed.

Dad: what do you mean crashed?

Mum: it's crashed.

Dad: but what about my iTunes tracks?

Mum: it should be fine if you've got them on your iPod too.

Dad: but I downloaded a few yesterday. Maybe they're not ok?

Mum: did you buy them through iTunes?

Dad: they were free but yes, through iTunes. I hope they're ok.

Me: what were they?

Dad: washington.

Me: sorry, what? As in Megan Washington - W A S H I N G T O N?

Dad: yeah I saw her on the arias. The whole thing was awful but she was great.

So yeah, my dad likes washington. He also likes being hip in other ways, like using facebook and watching Australian idol. True story.


Christine said...

LOL :)

Bonnie said...

had me chuckling out loud at work. I agree, hilarious and awesome!