Sunday, November 28, 2010

The big move

image from the Design Files' 2011 Melbourne Calendar

Most of the people who read this blog and see me faily regularly already know, but it's probably about time to tell the world... I'm moving to Melbourne next year!

It's quite a big move, because I'm leaving my job in radio and going back to working for a Christian student organisation. It's called Cross Cultures, it's for international students, and it's all about making friends and meeting Jesus.

I'm pretty excited about spending the bulk of my time caring for people, reading the bible with them and talking about the meaning of life. It's something I love doing.

And yes, moving to Melbourne full stop is also exciting. I have a suspicion it won't be as amazing in real life as it is in my head - I think that's probably a healthy suspicion. Having said that, I'm looking forward to being in what's generally known as a town with a creative, entrepreneurial spirit. It seems to have quite a strong identity, stronger than any other capital city I reckon.

I've noticed that when I tell people about my move they usually say something about how Melbourne is a creative place, and reflect on what they think "Melbourne" means and whether I'll fit in.

Melbourne seems to be quite parochial, in a good way, like it's proud of its culture. Lucy from the Design Files launched a calendar based on Melbourne neighbourhoods this week, illustrated by Melbourne's best artists. It's a good example of how Melbournites dig their own city. Another is Able and Game's tram stop calendar.
I've just found a place to live as well. yay! I'm going to be living in the inner north. My aim was to be close to work and church and uni, but also to be as near to Gertrude Street, Fitzroy as possible.

Where I'm living is a couple of suburbs away from where my great grandparents lived. My Great Grandad was the Mayor of Essendon and played football for Carlton. I kind of like the idea that I'm returning to my roots, and am looking forward to learning more about my Dad's side of the family. Apparently I have to go for Carlton in the AFL, although Dad's mum's side barrack for Essendon. Ahh the politics.


Christine said...

no brainer Soph - Essendon all the way! Then I can come visit you in Melbourne and we can go and see a game together :)

sophg said...

Haha we'll see :)