Sunday, November 28, 2010


Because I was thinking about him, I thought I'd just google my great grandfather, Harry.

What I didn't know was that he ran the local theatre in Moonee Ponds, and was really passionate about independent, suburban theatre.

And then I found a newspaper report about a time he was kidnapped!
MELBOURNE, March 22, 1932
Three armed men held up Harry Gyles, manager of the Moonee Ponds Picture Theatre, near his home in Ascot Vale last night. He was bound and gagged blindfolded and taken back in a car to the theatre, which was entered with his keys, and robbed of £36. The thieves then drove Gyles back to the place where he had been held up and cut the bonds on his legs. He managed to tear the bandage from his eyes and reached home, where he gave the alarm. No trace of his assailants has been found.
Talk about dramatic!

Apprently he was also a performer (a singer), did magic tricks and yes, also played one game of football for Carlton when he was 16.

He was also the President of Rotary and the Mayor of Essendon.

What a man!

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