Tuesday, August 3, 2010

when words just can't express...

In a very King Lear-esque fashion, madness seemed to descend upon my friend and me last night as we tried to navigate the city amid gale force winds and freezing rain.

There is no real way of explaining the hour that preceded this video being taken. Emma insisted it would make a hilarious blog post. But I think sometimes, life just doesn't translate.

However, I will say it involved Supre, obscenely sweet Malaysian tea, accidentally stumbling into a live nude drawing class and microwaved pudding (Emma, did I miss anything??).

Hopefully this video makes you laugh at least a fraction of the amount we did.

Of course I'll be stowing this golden footage away for my future career in commercial current affairs television.

We did, eventually, arrive at our destination: Laura Marling live at the Metro, which just by the way, was great.

How did you spend the evening?


Thora and Dean said...

i don't remember how i spent the evening not so memorable then...it did look like a maddening and yet memory worthy experience for you both!!!

Emma said...

You missed everything and nothing. I don't think we could have planned such a spectacular succession of mishaps if we'd tried - in a sense, it was an achievement.

sophg said...

Yes Thora, memorable is one word for it!