Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The fruits of my labour

From this:

To this:

Happy with the results, but so sad to cut up such awesome books. It just feels criminal cutting into a highly informative page about the birds of Britain for that cute sparrow picture.


Jojo said...

love love love. so much.

am busting to get my scissors and get a start on my own crafty night tonight... making 'will you be my bridesmaid' cards from a once wed post:

onlinesoph said...

so cute!! And such a great idea. I might steal it :)

sophg said...

Jo, that tutorial is by Anna of rifle paper co. I love her stuff! Ahh your bridesmaids will be spoilt!

Soph- seriously easy + cheap. Winner.

Christine said...

beautiful :)

ally said...

Gorgeous Sophie!
Don't feel sad though. Many more books where they came from! ...and this way they will actually be looked at.
Ally <'v'>

sophg said...

Thanks ally - i think you're right. But it's still hard to cut them up!