Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shout Out

Audrey's awesome silhouette

My friend Audrey started a blog not long ago. She's a journalist, graphic designer, adventurer, Lomographer, and all around awesome girl from Singapore.

Some of the loves we have in common are: Frankie magazine, Lomography, cute fonts, coffee and talking about stuff that matters.

Her blog actually informs you about stuff and look how cute it is! She's one to watch.


josh healy said...

hi, hope it's ok to contact you here. we would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: giveaway scout ( have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, josh

Ali said...

Hey Soph, we need to have a chat about "lomography", and I have tagged you in a meme, sorry, but it's a nice kind of one.