Saturday, August 7, 2010

The little people

I really love the little people that pepper my days, and I am so very lucky to know their mamas.

Two of my favourite little people sent me mail this week. Their mail is so very special.

It included three drawings. Three! One entitled "A shark eating a type of squid".

That is a really good title. Why not be upfront, when you're not sure what type of squid you've drawn? It acknowledges there is more than one type of squid, but that you can't be sure which one it is that you've depicted. Pretty wise if you ask me.

There was also a very accurate sketch of a dugong and an abstract potrait of a "nemo fish".

I also had the privilege of spending a lovely afternoon this week in the park feeding ducks and talking life with another of my favourite little people and her awesome mama.

Lovely lovely lovely.

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