Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Man Bread and the ails of consumerism

I accidentally bought Man-Bread this week. I didn't know it existed, until I read the packaging mid- vegemite spread.

I knew Woman-Bread existed, because I normally buy it. I like Burgen Soy-Lin, which is marketed as being good for a woman's well being. But this week, it was out of stock. So I picked up the next closest bag, because it had the words "barley and grain" on the front. But I obviously didn't read the fine print (actually I think I read the fine print and not the large print - somewhat of a theme in my life, really).

The grey and black packaging should've really clued me in. But I don't really buy bread based on the colour of the plastic.

Anyway, apart from posing the obvious question: "What has society come to that even our bread is now gender specific?", I just thought I should let you know that the bread was really average. The barley made it taste kind of sweet, and there were weird gritty bits all through it (and not good seedy gritty bits). Disappointing. Men, you need to buy the Woman-bread - it's heaps better!

The other silly thing is that the things they list as defining Man or Woman bread are actually things that are good for all people... like protein, Iron and Omega 3. In fact, Omega 3 is in both breads! So it's a complete farce.

But I'll keep buying my Soy-Lin.

And one other thing. I was at the hairdresser this week, and she told me that I should stop my shower after shampooing my hair, to dry my hair, and then condition. Because otherwise my hair will be too wet to absorb the conditioner. It was real nice of her to offer this advice. But I decided that life is too short (and winter too cold) to stop my shower half way to dry my hair, only to wet it again.

So in conclusion: man (and woman) cannot live on bread or conditioner alone. And man (and woman) should look beyond bread and conditioner for meaning in life. Both will only disappoint.


Kim said...

Keep it on the down-low that I eat and enjoy Soy and Linseed bread and grab it before all others. I won't tell anyone that you ate Man-Bread!

sophg said...

haha I love it! Yay. How good is the Soy-lin. Totes the best.