Wednesday, June 30, 2010

brain in a frilly jacket

Recently I've had to buy a stack of "work" clothes so that I pass as a real grown-up in the day light hours. It has been the most torturous process.

As soon as shop assistants smell my indecision, they hover around incessantly, throwing item after item into the change room forcing me to try on every possible combination of the tulip skirt (marked down and 'totally your style') + 10 different (but ultimately the same) tops.

Of course I have to politely try it all on and give some kind of nice feedback, ranging from "I love it!"  to.. "ummmmm yeah......." while actually thinking, "Wow I couldn't look more like a deformed Christmas decoration if I tried".

One particularly attentive shop assistant last week threw a frilly jacket at me saying "all the lawyers and doctors that come into the store buy this"... and then when I said I felt kind of strange in it, she was like "But you see everyone will think, oh man she looks like such a princess, and then you'll open your mouth and they'll be like "OMG she has a brain!".

Ahhhh yes. I had forgotten that was the ultimate goal.


Anonymous said...

how FUNNY! I can't believe the shop assistant said that!


sophg said...

I know. She said other stuff too, but I decided to be restrained. But let's just say, don't talk politics with customers ...[especially on the day we have a new prime minister]