Thursday, June 3, 2010

The great photo giveaway.

I was feeling the love after picking up my new Harrys Desk bag today... and thought, you know what, I should give away something on my blog.

As luck would have it, four mounted photographs have been sitting here idly in my room since last year's craft fair.

They're all pretty different, so hopefully there's something for everyone. If you win, you get to choose which of the four prints you'd like. And I'll probably work out some way of getting rid of the other three as well. But right now my brain can't figure out how to make sure they all go to people who want them, without just allocating them to people... and thus destroying the thrill of chance.

So... to enter, comment here telling me which one you'd like. But also to make it interesting, you have to tell me two strange facts about yourself.

Go forth and enter! I'll randomly draw the winner next Thursday, June 10 at 10pm. So you have a week to enter. Don't be shy - perfect time to de-lurk.

Here are the four photos (in real life they'll be mounted on A4 black board).

ONE. - I know it's a bit creepy, but it looks great against the black background. Taken at Carriageworks.


TWO  -taken on Nick's goat farm at Lithgow


THREE - taken at Terara, just outside of Nowra.


FOUR - no real story here. Just pretty cups.



onlinesoph said...

saw the FB status update and hot footed it here straight away! I like two.

As for two strange facts about me:

1. I can't handle really strong tasting fruit like pineapple, oranges and green apples. I even water down my juice with half a glass of water. Yes, I'm a nanna!

2. I avoid buying pants because I'm short and always need them hemmed up. I can't sew (have tried, always with disastrous results!) and don't want to pay to have them hemmed, so I avoid pants altogether.

luce said...


1. I avoid pants for different reasons. i think nicola has influenced me through her strange writings...ever noticed a lack of pants?

1. the first comment wasn't true. so this is the real answer number one. except in summer of course and i have the privilege of galivanting about the house scantily clad.

2. i have selective bouts of OCD.

sophg said...

Haha Soph I so know what you mean about pants. I too am short and need all mine taken up. Mum taught me how to do it last year, and I did take up a few pairs, but recently a friend at church mentioned how she loves doing it and was like "I'll take them up"! So I gave into laziness, and she did them for me... sweet deal.

Weird about the juice - yes, you are a nanna!

Luce - dude. You just used the words scantily clad on my blog. Are you alright?

Interesting about the OCD thing, I reckon we all do to some extent.

Bonnie said...

Well, I'm sure you can guess I want number Three!

1. That photo brings back memories of jumping off the wharf in the hot summer sun, desperate for some cool, but terrified a shark would get me.

2. I tore my hamgstring doing a cartwheel. Even stranger: the cartwheel was an assessment for the year 10 school certificate in my PE class.

luce said...

soph, more than alright. sorry to shock you. alternate phrases welcomed.

sophg said...

yeah thought you might like the Terara one Bon. Such a nice part of the world..

How silly is high school PE class. I remember we played lacrosse once. LACROSSE.

Ben McLaughlin said...

number 4

1. I can scratch my head with my foot, kinda like a dog, not using any hands. Go on, try it- you won't be able to do it. I'm special

2. I can't bear the feeling of squashing a cotton ball between my fingertips. Urrrgh. Just writing it is making me a bit queasy.

sophg said...

Ben. That is weird. But cool. But weird.

Also, glad there is someone else out there with sensory issues. I hate the feeling of flour.

Kim said...

I really like one and two - your choice if I'm lucky enough to win.

1. I'm obsessive about doing things really efficiently. I think a bit too much about the best way to do things without wasting energy and time. My housemate told me once that I look like a robot when I make dinner.

2. My right ankle looks a bit yucky and swollen. It became that way after I had fractured it without realising and the bone healed without a cast to guide it back nicely.

sophg said...

Hey Kim my dad has a weird ankle too from when he fractured it in two places. Even writing that makes me feel ill.

How did you not realise you had a broken ankle?!

Joshua Maule said...

I like number one.

1. I can spread out the toes of my right foot, in much the same way that most people can spread out their fingers.

2. I gained the ability after breaking my fifth metatarsal.

sophg said...

Seems ben started an anatomical freak show!

Nice skill Josh. Bet it comes in handy...

Joanna said...

I guess I'm not really outing myself as a lurker on your blog, it's pretty impossible for me to lurk without comment in any area of your life, however, for the benefit of the freakshow that is the rest of your readership, I shall reveal that:

1. I really really really really really like Alan Rickman. (You said strange, not secret.)

2. In the last two months, when I've been biting my nails (a permanent habit of mine), small strips of the upper layers of the rest of the nail have torn off along with the white which has never happened before... It's kinda freaking me out... Do I have a disease?

Anyway, I like no. 4 which you know, and I DISLIKE no. 1 (which you love!). So industrial!!!

So I know I won't win, but please don't keep no. 1 in the house ;-P

(Also, strange fact no. 3 - the word verification I've been given is 'trazood'.

Kim said...

Ouch, poor dad!

I think I passed mine off as a sprained ankle at the time! We found out when I had an x-ray taken for an unrelated ankle injury.

sophg said...

Dearest Jo, feel free to comment less in real life, thereby freeing you up to comment more on the blog... haha

Also, I might just keep number one for myself and hang it in the living room to spite you.

Kim, that's so odd. Must've been a fun moment.

Christine said...

hey soph - i can't see your photos for some reason..?

Strange fact 1) I can remember the lyrics to hundreds of random songs. Don't know how or why, I just know them and start singing them when they're played. Drives Paul nuts.

Strange fact 2) I like to check under our bed for spiders....disturbingly often.

sophg said...

That's really weird Chris.. hmm not sure what's going on there.

They're hosted by photo bucket. I can see them at the moment, so I don't know what to do. Sorry about that!