Thursday, June 10, 2010

$81 and it's goodbye old friend

Last week, Dad sent me an email out of the blue with a link to a piano listed on ebay for 99 cents.

I casually clicked, only to realise he was selling my childhood piano (sob).

It sold for $81 - that's $19 shy of what we paid for it back in 1994 when we bought it from the local primary school.

She might have been three semitones flat and permanently dusty, but she had character. My only consolation is she's been shipped off to be played and loved by another family in Bankstown.


Jojo said...

Oh! I feel your pain!

When I was overseas on exchange, I had a phone call from my parents to tell me that they'd destroyed our pianola (a pianola! you pressed pedals and it played full songs! amazing!) with an axe.

It wouldn't be coming to our new house as it was too heavy to move :(

Mark Duval said...

Ahh, I want a piano. My parents sold my childhood piano years ago. But it was falling apart and we couldn't afford to restore it, so it made sense at the time.

I've been looking into the price of pianos, but they're so pricey :(

sophg said...

Jo that is tragic...! They could've at least filmed the axeing to make some kind of weird short film as contemporary art...

Yeah mark, they're pricey. Should've got in there with the 99cent bargain!

Mark Duval said...

Dang! I'll have to try ebay perhaps.