Friday, November 27, 2009

Stuff's falling into place

I've had a week of good news. Both good and newsy, literally.

It looks like I'll be doing some casual shifts in the Sydney newsroom over Summer (and hopefully beyond), which is a great relief. It's nice to have some prospect of employment when MTS finishes at the end of Dec. Over the next month I'll have to juggle news shifts at all hours of the day and night with my current commitments.

I had a kind of induction/training day this week, where I had to switch my news-brain back on. It was quite fun, if not slightly stressful and reminded me that I enjoy the challenge of writing things in a succinct way.

Also, yesterday I received a formal offer to undertake the Master of Creative Writing at Sydney Uni. So hoorah!

I'm grateful everything's falling into place, and next year is starting to take shape. I bought a 2010 diary this week too -  a red hardcover pocket-sized Moleskine notebook/diary - which I know totally makes me a pretentious "white person", but why pretend about these things! I did get sorely tempted by the cute but impractical diaries at Pentimento in Newtown, but resisted. Next year maybe...

And Dad's birthday dinner was fun, and delicious (particularly the raspberry souffle with vanilla bean icecream - YUM). And I have to make a formal correction - he's not 67, but 68! Hah. Older than I thought.


Joshua Maule said...

Nice work Sophie. I'll look forward to hearing about the ABC. And maybe hearing you on my radio.

Joshua Maule said...

Also, real funny article on stuff white people like.

mq2 said...

waahoo! :)

sophg said...

Thanks josh - you probably won't hear me for a while (unless you're up at 2am and even then, probably not!) :)

liz - my thoughts exactly!