Friday, November 20, 2009

The Graduate

Last night I graduated from MTS(ministry training strategy -  in other words, what I've been doing the last two years). It was nice to have a formal ending, and to have my parents and my trainer come along for support.

It feels to me that these last two years have gone quite quickly, and the things I thought would be hard (low income, working intensely with people etc) have not been the massive challenge I expected, but other things that go more to the heart of my character have been the greatest struggle. God is really quite good at teaching me the things I don't realise I need to learn.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to take two years out of work to spend time doing something completely centred on God and loving people, something I would never have seen myself doing five years ago.


Ben McLaughlin said...

Gongrats:) Good job.

mq2 said...

:) You had a formal graduation?!
Nothing like that in my day!

Praise be to God for the work he has been doing in you, through you and beyond you.
May it continue on and on...

sophg said...

Thanks guys.

Yeah, it's a new thing - who would've thought, an actual ceremony etc!