Monday, November 23, 2009

A birthday

Wednesday is my Dad's birthday. He'll be 67. I'm so thankful he's still around, after all he's been through the last 10 years.

He's very hard to buy presents for, as he always goes to the library for fiction, has every CD under the sun, and isn't an "experience" kind of guy. He's also very particular about what he likes. It doesn't help that his birthday is the month before Christmas, either (two lots of grief!!).

So we (the family) have been bugging him for a list of possible presents. And I love that my Mum, instead of typing up the list and emailing it, actually scanned it and sent it to us.

I loved seeing see dad's distinctive caps handwriting. He always writes in caps. I thought I'd share it, because I think it's cute - especially where Mum's written what she's getting him.


onlinesoph said...

did your dad write 'dust buster' as one of his gifts??


That is cute.

sophg said...

you better believe it! dust busters are cool.