Friday, November 27, 2009

Something a little mushy

So the complete romantic in me couldn't help but share this with the world...

Sydney food blogger (and white Tim Tam inventor) Jules (whose blog I stumbled upon after reading about her pistachio rosewater cake on another blog) recently broke up with her Irish boyfriend. No biggie, except they had planned to go to the world's number one restaurant, El Bulli in Spain at the end of this year. And it's pretty much like winning the lottery to get a seat there. Some of you may have, like me, recently read about the culinary craziness in Matt Preston's Good Weekend article on the world's best restaurants.

Anyway, I digress. Jules decided she wasn't going to give up the ticket, and ran a competition to determine who would go with her on a blind date of sorts to Spain, to El Bulli. So she advertised, and found her man, Jason Friedman, from New York. Here is his winning email. What a great entry!

Anyway, it seems as though they're in Spain this week, and there are a few posts on her tumblr documenting their trip so far.

It's kind of gross how much I'm cheering them on in my head right now. I hope it works out, beyond eating at a fancy restaurant together. How sweet would that be.

photo by jules

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Ali said...

That is cute. Makes me want to run a competition! :)