Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What to do..!?

Why is it that when it rains, it pours?

I don't generally have a busy social life. I do stuff, yes, but not all the time.

However this weekend, I have a party which I'd like to go to, one of my favourite bands (Big Heavy Stuff) is doing a reunion show in Marrickville, and my friend's band is having their debut album launch.

ARGH. And I hate having to do the whole -go to one thing, then rush off to another.

If my highest priority was etiquette, I'd probably go to the party which I've RSVP'd to. Next on the obligation list is my friend's album launch - gotta support your mates, right? But to be honest the reunion gig is what I'd like to do most!

hmmm etiquette or desire? How do you make these kinds of decisions?

On a side note - anyone keen to see Big Heavy Stuff ;)


Kim said...

wow, I mean, not to disrespect your friend's band, but I'd be at Big Heavy Stuff in an instant if 1000km wasn't an issue! It's a once-off isn't it? I never got to see them live and was pretty shocked to hear that they broke up after releasing a great album. I think you should go, if only to make me insanely jealous :P

sophg said...

haha Kim, you understand me!

I saw them back in the days of Size of the Ocean - was great. Didn't see them tour for Dear Friends and Enemies.

I'd love to go... still deciding. Oh the guilt!

Anonymous said...

What did you end up doing?

PS I fell asleep in the firekites- they went on at 11pm and all their songs sounded the same!

V x