Monday, April 13, 2009

This American Life

Are you a podcaster?

Generally, I'm not. I think it's because I'm not organised. I don't have a system - no monday nights = downloading/uploading.

But, just in the last few weeks I've been intentionally podcasting This American Life, which is a show on Chicago Public Radio.

It's the only non-music I listen to on my iPod. In the last few days, I've heard a show about people who've strived to be remembered beyond the grave and mostly failed, a feature on the global banking crisis (which I now understand - YES!), and a show about Plan B - as in how most of us end up ditching Plan A, and going with Plan B, and how that works out in people's lives.

It's hard to describe how fun, absorbing and oftentimes eccentric the stories are. The executive producer and presenter is Ira Glass, who is the cousin of Phillip Glass. They're doing a joint show at a warehouse in Brooklyn at the end of the month... ugh too cool.

They offer internships at TAL... I wonder if they would take an Aussie?

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