Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My brother or I need to procreate... it's getting boring! By which I mean, Christmas lunch, is getting boring.

I'm the youngest cousin on my dad's side, and the second oldest on my mum's. We're sort of in between, so we usually have Christmas lunch with just my brother, mum and dad. In the afternoon, we go to Bilgola beach, where my uncle's beach house is. He's a grandfather 11 times... in other words, all my cousin's on dad's side bar one are over 35 with kids. Because of this i've never been able to get too close to my cousins, as the youngest is still 17 years older than me and lives in Cooma, the others live in Caberra, and Sydney.

We're at that "in between" stage, where my parents are old enough to be grandparents, but Andrew and I are too young to get married and have kids. So I think we're all looking forward to the next generation to make Christmas more exciting. It's weird having only your parents and brother to pull a cracker with at the dinner table! no kids!

Having said that, it was fun seeing the extended family yesterday afternoon at the beach house, despite the weird feeling of being only vaguely related to the people there. But it is soooo weird when you realise you used to be the kids running off to swim and lining up for grown-up food and watching a movie and playing games, and now you're the ones looking at the kids and thinking "my how they've grown"! How sad, and i'm only 21! HELP!

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