Thursday, December 27, 2007

I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but being back home with Mum and Dad is both a trial and a treasure. I still struggle with the same things I struggled with when I lived with them during school and the first half of uni.

They care so much they want to know about and help with everything. There is not too much room for independence. However, they are so keen to chip in with expenses and advice, how can you refuse?

I witness their relational difficulties, and grieve, while we have our own barneys at times. I think watching your parents fight has got to be up there in my top five most hated things. Having said that, my parents haven't fought since I arrived on Monday, they've just had tiffs, disagreements, miscommunications and frustrations. But even so, it's hard not to feel like the third wheel at times.

I will be living here for the whole of January, before I move out with Jo. I think it will really test my patience, but be a blessing in disguise. I need to be challenged to be more thoughtful and selfless, and being around family is great practise!

It is a bit unfair though, to list these chagrins without acknowledging things like the fact they will be providing nearly all my meals, a bed, pay tv (I'm somehow freakishly addicted to the Lifestyle channel and watching Nigella Lawson and Grand Designs on repeat). These things are wonderful, not to mention the good times and hanging out with our dogs.

Here's to an educational January!

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