Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh, Ira.

For the creatives out there. With love from Ira Glass.

I needed to hear this.


Joanna said...

That was awesome Soph, but now I'm crapping myself with fear about spending a year writing! What if it doesn't work because I haven't got anywhere close to closing my gap?!!! Gaaaaaahhhhh!!

Thanks for the vid though, gorgeous :-)

sophg said...

But that's the point! You need to see next year in perspective. You can't expect to be awesome straight away.

It could be the most producive year of failing, before you go on to greater things.

You have to look at the bigger picture. Who's to say you won't have other opportunities to write after next year, and you'll look back and be thankful for that first year out of college when you were allowed to do some crazy stuff in the middle of nowhere!

(Kind of preaching to myself here... hah)

Bonnie said...

so helpful ! Thanks for posting it Soph

*evhcreative said...

That just made my week! Thanks for posting that hon!! x

sophg said...

Yay! I know, right? Best ever. x

Kim said...

Wow, that was a so great. I'll be passing this on to friends in future.

I've been enjoying going back through TAL shows and have been navigating them by listening by contributor. My favourite so far is Starlee Kine and the Break-up episode. Again, so great!

sophg said...

YES! Break-up is so good.

I only heard it recently for the first time. I was so giddy when she interviewed Phil Collins hahah