Monday, August 22, 2011

Daisy drifting

It's not hard to become preoccupied with the weather in Melbourne. One of my housemates has the BOM site as her homepage.

It's the surprise element that underpins this city's weather obsession. You just never know when the sun will peek out from behind those clouds.

Rain doesn't stay long, but neither does the warm weather, which means when the sun does come out, Melbournians make a sport of wearing as few items of clothing as possible.

Today it's going to reach a scorching 21. It may have have only been 7 degrees at 8:30 this morning, but all the world was dressed in t-shirts, skirts and dresses.

And I'm no different, wearing a summer top while floating through daisies.


Cintia said...

Sup, Sophie! This was just before we met up! Just letting you know I am officially stalking you. Lots of love, Cintia

sophg said...

hahah it was. In fact, I wrote this while walking down Royal Parade to meet you :)

Cintia said...

no wonder u were talking abt weather.. the day was marvelous!!!