Friday, July 23, 2010

I was in a store one day..

I'm sure I've blogged about This American Life before (yes, I have), but it deserves another plug for the best podcast out there. Anywhere. By Far.

That's a big claim, but it's justified, because This American Life is the most engaging storytelling you'll encounter outside of the voice in your head or your grandfather's living room.

It's so good it's addictive. And it's what inspires me to keep going in radio, because it reveals the potential of broadcasting.

Recently I came across a series of videos on youtube where Ira Glass the presenter of TAL, gives tips on storytelling. I haven't watched them all yet, but I thought I'd pass on the link for other TAL or future TAL fans.

Also, it's nice to see the love spreading around, even down to Tassie...


Kim said...

Do you have any favourite episodes or a particular one that you think I would like? I wouldn't mind starting to have a listen but there's so many to choose from!

sophg said...

Hey Kim, I know the feeling. But I've never heard a dud - so you could choose any!

But I reckon just start with one of the recent ones. Pro Se is good - it's an old one they put on repeat, so I can't remember heaps about it, but I remember it was interesting. About people representing themselves in court and how that can go really badly.

For a moving story, listen to First Contact - the third story is beautiful/awful.