Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thoughtful whimsy

There must be something about the name... because two of my favourite illustrators are called Edward.

First there's Edward Gorey, whose macarbe, yet beautiful gothic etchings frame my wardrobe. I think I've blogged about him before.

And then there's Edward Monkton. You've probably seen his cards being sold around the place. Just this week I bought my friend a Monkton Birthday card. What I loved about it was, no where did it say Happy Birthday. Instead, it made a fanciful comparison between the person I intended to send it to and an aeroplane. It was perfect.

I don't love all his cards - some seem too silly or untrue. But in general, I find that like all good comedy, the universal truths contained within (longing, beauty, a paradox, a quirk of life) sneak up on you and then won't leave for a little while. It's thoughtful whimsy - my kind of humour. So I figured I would share a few with you.


Jane said...

thank you for the beautiful card, it was the lovliest card of all, especially cos it came from you and Jo. It put a massive smile on my face after a long week and the brooch is perfect! i love it! i wore it all day today and when people ask abou tit I got to tell them about my great friends, Soph and Jo. The little cloud makes me smile to think of you both and is literally very 'uplifting'. Thank you so much. going to try to call monday/tues to thank you properly : ) ps i love your blog!

Jane said...

about it (just to clarify!!)

sophg said...

Hey, so glad it arrived. I actually had a weird dream the other night that the brooch was smashed in the mail. Good to know it was just a dream haha

I figured you wouldn't mind some more Elk stuff!

Don't stress about proper thanks.

And welcome (at long last) to my blog xx