Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Writers' Festival in brief

image: D. So

I went to a few Writers' Festival events last week between sleep, work and wine (all right so I added wine because it sounded good, but I did have a glass with friends on Friday... so kind of true).

It was great seeing poets, whose work I have read and admired, read their work aloud; particularly Robert Gray and Martin Harrison.

But the most engaging event was Les Murray in conversation with Michael Duffy, which I wrote up for Eternity (a newish national Christian newspaper). So rather than give you a run down of it here, you can read about it there.

Ali also wrote about the poetry reading we went to and a bit of celebrity spotting.


Anonymous said...

Sad you missed Bernard! He totally stole the show from Josh Pyke! V x

sophg said...

haha I bet he did. Your affections live on, no doubt!