Monday, April 12, 2010

what's lurking in my wardrobe

The world must've gone mad, because Ali's requested I tell you all about my wardrobe. That's a first!

I have to tell you the five things in my wardrobe I wouldn't be without.

This isn't too hard, as I only have about 5 things in my wardrobe. They are:

1. Jeans - so hard to find a good pair. But Kath told me her secret and if you ask me, I will tell you where the perfect jeans can be found....

2. Cardigans - in various shapes, sizes, sleeve length and colours.

3. T-shirts - in plain colours

4. Fun jewelry - nothing expensive, in fact the cheaper the better. If found in Mother's/Grandmother's cupboard even better.

5. Weird retro items of clothing. Like a floral moo moo you bought on king street for $5, or a synthetic anorak you bought in the mountains and now regret...

If you asked my housemate, she'd say scrap that list - anything boring and neutral. But I doth protest. If one starts with a neutral colour palette, one can always layer with colour. No?

So the rules are to link to the person who tagged you, list the items, and tag some people.

I tag Soph R, who seems to know about fashion and i'm sure has had to rejig her wardrobe for baby-ness.

And Christine.

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