Thursday, April 29, 2010

The things people say... and the things I choose not to say.

I was back home on the North Shore this week for a luncheon (that's what they call them up there) with my parents and some extended family. There were some classic lines that I feel need to be repeated. Both involve my Dad (who I should clarify, I love and respect).

Dad: When I was a child everyone said comics would ruin us. Well they didn't. Sophie, don't buy into moral panic. Just ignore every moral panic they throw at you. Ignore them all!

*Plane flies overhead without much noise or inconvenience to our conversation, in fact I don't think I even noticed it*
Guest: oooh that's a low one.
My brain: Are you serious? Come have lunch at my place!
Dad: Yes, we get about two of those a day.
My brain: Two. A day.


Christine said...

classic :)

luce said...

Love it!

sophg said...

glad the humour translates from my brain to yours guys!