Friday, March 26, 2010

Wire creator's new show

The creator of The Wire is working on a new drama for HBO, called "Treme" (prounounced Trigh-MAY), set in New Orleans, post-Katrina. It sounds pretty interesting.

There's an article in the NY Times about it here.

Here's a snippet:
The story lines in “Treme” begin three months after Katrina, and they follow a diverse group of characters as they rebuild their lives in a city torn apart, a city in which tens of thousands of houses are abandoned, in which only 50 percent of the population remains, in which neighborhoods are still without power. The main characters in “Treme” aren’t the overburdened cops, spiraling addicts, ruthless dealers, struggling dockworkers, corrupt politicians or compromised journalists of “The Wire.” In their place, for the most part, are musicians, as the show’s title sneakily suggests: “Treme” is the New Orleans neighborhood where jazz was born. And even though it adjoins the French Quarter, few tourists visit Treme, where generations of the city’s musicians have lived.


Kim said...

Last week I finished watching the final episode of The Wire. I had no idea that Treme was being developed so I'm glad I have something to fill in the void! I loved the characters in The Wire and how the show had things to say. I loved how the story was told over the length of the season from all points of view.

Did you watch the show? The main storyline throughout the final season is set in the office of a newspaper.

sophg said...

Hey Kim,
yeah I'm a wire fan- only seen the first season though! Need to borrow the next one... It's so addictive. I haven't watched any free to air television in months because when i have the opportunity, end up watching the wire!

Ooh season 5 sounds good...