Monday, March 22, 2010


Just writing up a story on the Government's new "MyZone", "MyMulti" and "MyBus Travel Tens" has reminded me how ubiquitous this whole MY ____ thing is.

It all began with myspace, I suppose.

Why does everything have to revolve around me anyway? Why can't I just buy an innerwest zone ticket?

I think i heard not long ago, someone in the US had started something called MyChurch, which just seems completely wrong given the whole point is to lift our gaze to God and away from ourselves.

Of course, it goes without saying...  i-things are in an altogether different category. That category being "fine" because Steve Jobbs says so.

And yeah, it's probably a bit rich writing critically about self-absorbtion on a blog, but why let hypocrisy get in the way of a good rant?


Jojo said...

Oh! Did you hear the rant on James Valentine's show about this?

They had a fabulous discussion about how in the 80's, it was all about adding 'world' to everything (eg Printing World). In the 90's it became about 'r us' (eg 'Printers 'r us) and adding your location after things, (eg Insurance Australia, Athletics Australia).

Now in the noughties if it's a corporation trying to gain cred/personality, the 'My' tag is added (eg MyHillsong, MyMacquarie) or, if it's a consumer product, it becomes 'i' (thanks, Apple!).

I love James' rant segment :)

sophg said...

I didn't hear it, but that is some excellent cultural analysis there!

I also love his rant segment. That and his etiquette segment...

Ashlee said...

Have you seen that pole dancing studio on Parramatta Road called iPole (if it's still there...)

That always made me laugh for some reason.

sophg said...

oh yes, I drive past it most days - it's still there! Never seen anyone enter/exit though...