Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WOW wedding

I don't normally gush over these things... but this wedding is stunning.
They made the most amazing hand-crafted invitations ... with photos taken on a blue piano in a field!... and typewriters with music rolls as your table centrepiece?! gush gush gush.
PLUS the groom MADE the bride's dress!!

Photos from iDiY

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onlinesoph said...

very beautiful - I love the invite. How quirky!

I always wanted to have a stylish and stunning wedding. Then I realised how much it cost. And how many people I couldn't invite if I wanted the "dream" wedding. And how much stress it would cause my family, cost wise and time wise. And how much of my time it would take to pull off the dream wedding, time I could spend with my fiance.

So I settled for oogling dream weddings on the internet instead :)