Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Autumn attire

A selection of beautiful handmade scarves selling on Etsy. I'm currently knitting my own, boring scarf that is nothing like these. But we live in hope!..

I love the colours and texture in this scarf from Acke

This scarf by ecologicalartist is the reason why presentation is everything (nice photography) on etsy. At $200 you'd want this to be made of some amazing stuff, and it is. All hand spun, woven and knitting. The materials are peace silk - collected from the wild in India (of course..) and Oaxacan cochineal (from some insect thing) and organic wool from a local farm! Wow.

This is a handwoven silk scarf by True Blue Ltd. Looks super soft and beautiful.

I love the novelty factor with this cupcake scarf, and the model/crafter looks exactly like a friend from high school (don't you reckon, Steph?), and they even have the same last name. Freaky.

This wonderful scarf is made from a recycled, vintage bed spread! Cool huh? So beautiful and silky soft...

Hah love this. What a huge huge scarf - called a Soopascarf. The colour is a dreamy oatmeal. And what an awesome photo. By Yokoo.

More Yokoo love. This time a sweet pea green.


Stephcookie said...

What beautiful scarves! Now I wish I could knit. Haha YES I've seen twinkiechan before and boggled at the similarities, it's a little bit freaky!

onlinesoph said...

I really love that lace/silk one. It's gorgeous! Would it be that hard to make, I wonder, after a quick trip to spotlight? Though obviously it wouldn't be vintage! I like your ode to autumn, might link it in a future post...

sophg said...

Steph - have you shown Kat? That'd be funny. Doppelganger!

Soph - You probably could make it... would be tricksy.

Nixter said...

I totally need to finish my scarf for my Mum - thanks for the reminder. Miss you - would love to catch up soon!

We could knit!