Monday, May 4, 2009

Sounds of life

I work from home a few hours a week, and when I'm in my bedroom on the computer, I hear all sorts of interesting things. You see, I live 60 steps away from a pub, and 70 from Parramatta Road.

The dominant sounds are traffic and birds, which I don't mind.

The less dominant, although more arresting sounds are:
people yelling (usually alcohol induced)
motorcycle clubs blowing up
and lately..
people coughing, vomiting or spitting.

My neighbour seems to have some form of pneumonia or emphysema which sounds pretty bad. Our apartment blocks are about 1.5 metres away from each other, and the sound echoes between them.

There's also a car dealership round the corner, and the employees come out for a smoko near my window, and one of them has a habit of hoicking spit globs up just when I'm settling down to write something. Nice!

I'm pretty happy living in the city, and without the occassional aural ambush, I think I'd be unsettled.

What do you hear where you live?


onlinesoph said...

spitting, people talking in portugese/chinese/vietnamese/greek, spitting, yelling at night, the odd airplane, spitting, music (sounds greek?), did I mention spitting???

Marrickville is littered with loogies and mucus on the pavements. I have become adept and side stepping them on the way to the train :)

sophg said...

Ah yes, PLANES. How could I forget them! I think they're so embedded in my existence I don't notice them...

I have never thought to look out for the globs on the pavement... ew. Must look next time!

the keeper said...

where i live, i wake to the birds in the trees. Always awake before me and always louder than T.V. I live in a little rural town 1hr out of Brisbane.

When i stay in the city i wake to the sound of trains. I hear the bakery making baking noises and emmiting tantalizing smells. They know me well.