Tuesday, January 22, 2008

People ask whether I miss Orange, or being a journalist.

My answer?

I missed my family and friends, and the city when I was in Orange more than I miss Orange now. However, things that I miss:

5 minute commute to work
Fresh air
Beautiful views
Being able to hang out at people's houses regularly at short notice because they live two streets away
The modesty of a country church
Country folk
My work mates and their idiosyncracies
Cheap rent
Fruit on the side of the road

Things I don't miss about Orange:
Being so far away
Chewing up so much petrol coming back to Sydney too often
Feeling new
The lack of coffee
The lack of spectacle (although this is something I enjoy a rest from)
Late nights at work
Being caught up in the news cycle

Things I'm liking about being back in Sydney:
Being close to everyone I love
Everything except for rent and fruit is cheaper
Being back at my home church
Familiar people and places
Public transport
Commuting (because I can read and listen to my music)
The challenges of a new job
My living quarters and housemate/best friend

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