Monday, May 23, 2011

souffle time

We finally have fast internet, which means uploading videos is really easy. So you're getting a bit of a documentary look at the life of Sophie.

This one was taken back in February on our staff retreat. It was about 8pm on Saturday night. We'd just eaten an amazing slow-cooked roast lamb and Kris was baking raspberry souffle. You're guaranteed to want some by the end of the video.

As an aside, I get to work with these lovely folk each day; pretty awesome bunch.


Suri said...

YUM!! I want to have one too :(
so funny the conversation between you and Kris
Kris: What do you think the solution is Soph?
Soph: Ummm...You wait...

hahaa..that sounds like the daily conversations that you guys always have.

sophg said...

hahah so true - it is kind of how every interaction we have goes...