Monday, May 23, 2011

fish n chips


The weather's getting pretty cool down here, so I thought I'd remember warmer times. This video was taken at Dromana Beach on the Mornington Peninsula back in March before Kris and I saw the band Georgia Fair play at the local pub. There are actually three videos in the series. The birds get progressively more aggressive, but the third and final video was a bit of an anti-climax. So you'll just have to enjoy Part 2.

Warning: squeals and lame jokes abound.


Suri said...

LOL! I really think that those birds were going to attack both of you! So brave to be still sitting there...hahaha

Thora and Dean said...

nice to hear your voice lovely soph - but hey, are those big fat grey clouds i see in the background? and is your friend Kris wearing a cardi? methinks not so warm!!!

sophg said...

mmmm that is true Thora. It wasn't the warmest of Summer days.

But it *was* summer, I swear. Also I think it was at about 6pm, so the sun had gone down...

Anyway, it's all relative. Compared to today's biting 11 degrees, it was balmy.